A group of residents is rallying to save the Dartmouth High School Indian logo. Some in town believe the logo is offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and should be replaced. Other residents, including some within the town's Native American population, are not offended by the logo and hope it will remain.

Whether to keep the eastern woodlands Indian logo will be put to voters in a non-binding referendum as part of the April 5 annual town-wide election.

Clyde Andrews, a member of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) tribe who redesigned an iteration of the logo used today while a DHS student in 1974, supports leaving the logo as it is.

"I feel that the Dartmouth Indian symbol is paying homage in a respectful way to the Native Americans of the area," he said.

George Marcotte of the citizen's group Defend Dartmouth said it's only a small part of the town's population that wants to change the mascot.

"For nearly three years, a very vocal few have crusaded to cancel our beloved Dartmouth Indian symbol which was designed to honor our Indigenous history in town," he said.

Marcotte said the decision by the Dartmouth Select Board to include the non-binding question on the ballot will "finally give the people of town a voice in this matter."

Defend Dartmouth hopes to raise funds to print signs urging town residents to vote to keep the logo. The group has launched a Facebook page, "Defend Dartmouth - Save The Indians," to bring awareness to the issue.

What are your thoughts on the Dartmouth High School logo? Should it stay or is it time for something new?

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