If you are a Native American living in Massachusetts, you may qualify for tuition assistance at a state college or university, including UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC) Commission on Indian Affairs (CIA) says, "Over the last three decades, the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs has assisted in the determination of eligibility of Native Americans living in Massachusetts for tuition credits (formerly known as the tuition waiver) at state colleges and universities."

The CIA is authorized by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to "certify that applicants are of Native American descent" and eligible for the tuition break.

The Commission on Indian Affairs "uses membership in a Massachusetts tribal group (tribe, band, or clan) that is acknowledged by the Commission as a legitimate, historical tribal group as a criterion for making decisions on the eligibility of students for the tuition credit."

University Of Massachusetts Tuition Credits For Native Americans
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Some Native Americans whose tribes are outside of Massachusetts may also be eligible for tuition credits.

To be considered for the tuition credit, applicants must be Native American, a Massachusetts resident, and enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at a Massachusetts college or university.

The CIA's webpage has a link to a list of participating colleges and universities and a link to the Tuition Credit Form. Proof of residency and tribal membership/affiliation is required.

The deadline to apply for the tax credit for the fall semester is July 15, and December 15 for the spring semester.

The site can also help with housing needs.

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