When Dr. Christine Ford testified about her allegedly being assaulted and being "100 percent certain" about the assailant being Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I believe there is a good chance that she believes it. I found her to be credible, but I would like some more information before conceding her testimony as gospel.

She cannot tell us where it happened. She cannot tell us when it happened. She cannot tell us how she got there or how she got home.

Her only article of evidence that she was willing to produce was a page from her therapist's notes which show that she did make a claim of being sexually assaulted. Those remarks were made in 2012, about an event she claims took place in or around mid-1982, 30 years prior.

She wouldn't share all of the therapist's notes, just the one proving that the claim was made in the past. She also impeached her own submitted evidence. When questioned about why she told the therapist that there were four men in the bedroom where she was allegedly assaulted, but now says there were two, she said the therapist made the mistake, not her. She impeached her own evidence.

She told investigators to ask three others about the incident to corroborate her story. One of the three was her best friend. Leland Ingham-Keyser told investigators that she was never at a party or home with Judge Kavanaugh, with or without Dr. Christine Ford. When told of this at her testimony, Dr. Ford offered a sympathetic if not condescending response that she was happy that Leland was "getting the help she needs." She implied that her friend is mentally unstable--the same friend she said could be trusted to confirm the event.

The other two men who were allegedly there said they have no recollection of any get-together as described by Dr. Ford. No one corroborated the story.

Ford claims she and Keyser arrived somehow, and when they got there, she said Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were obviously intoxicated. There were five or maybe six people that she can recall there; Kavanaugh, herself, Leland Keyser, Judge, Patrick H. Smyth and an unknown sixth person that she remembers to be a male.

At some point during the evening, Ford claims to have consumed one solitary beer and has not explained how or why she went upstairs to the second floor when an event that she is claiming happened that may change the course of a nation.

Ford said Kavanaugh, a high school senior and possibly with the help of Judge, grabbed her from behind in the second floor hallway of the house and dragged her into a bedroom. She said there was no stereo downstairs or loud noises, and that she believed only two or three people were also in the home in the area of the summer of 1982. She said the bedroom, though, had loud music, and that Kavanaugh threw her onto a bed and jumped on her with all his weight and with an erection pressed down on her. She claims she tried to scream when Kavanaugh covered her mouth and simultaneously tried to get his hands under her clothes, or was trying to remove them.

She said she thought she might be suffocated or raped when Judge jumped on the pair in a playful manner twice, knocking them off the bed the second time. Kavanaugh, according to Ford, then passed on his alleged rape attempt to instead wrestle with his buddy while she walked out of the room. She did not see them again that night. She claims she hurried out of the home and left the party. That is all she can recall.

She did not claim to be raped. She was assaulted, briefly, and was not chased or pursued in any way. No one was told. She left her best friend behind as the only female in this very dangerous situation without warning her, without letting her know something was wrong. Again, no one else who she said was there knows what in the world she is talking about. They all say they have no memories of any such get-together and through her attorney, Howard Walsh, Leland Keyser released a statement to CNN and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Simply put," Walsh said, "Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford."

Kavanaugh has refuted this categorically and is being destroyed by the left. By the Democratic Party. His life's service to this nation defies this behavior. His friends, many of them life long friends who are women, insist that this is all impossible to imagine. People who drank beer with him throughout his senior year in high school and since.

Kavanaugh's family has been threatened. Other implausible complaints are now being thrown at him, which was expected, predicted and right on cue.

Remember this: the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Panel knew of this allegation back as far as July 18. They could have ordered an FBI investigation then, and maintained Dr. Ford's wishes to remain anonymous while they looked into the matter.

The accusation was only released after these same panel members came to the realization that Kavanaugh could not be denied a seat on the Supreme Court based on their hearings when he was before them two weeks ago. They have called him evil, and told the public that millions of Americans would die as a result of his position on the SCOTUS.

And now this. An eleventh hour assault. A punch thrown over the shoulder from the shadows. Well, was going to remain in the shadows, until the same Democrats who comforted Dr. Ford and praised her during and after her testimony rolled her under the bus to serve their purpose.

Dr. Ford was promised to remain anonymous and that she would decide if she would step into the light. Someone from either Senator Feinstein's office, or Ford's Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, both of California, gave Dr. Ford's name and personal information to the press, who began to call her home, show up at her work, called her friends. Ford had no choice but to step into the light and make herself known.

These despicable Democrats don't give a flying #$% about her. They used her because of what she said she believed happened to her and for who she is accusing. They ruined her chance of deciding as a victim. It's incredibly ironic and yet lost on most, including the victim herself!

Kavanaugh testified and was emotional and as believable as her. Unlike the treatment she received by Republicans and Democrats alike, Kavanaugh was shown no dignity, no respect or even a hint of kindness by the Democrats after his rebuttal in front of the same Democratic Judiciary Committee that withheld the assault claim during their recent hearings for his nomination.

They impugned him, attacked his 16-year-old vernacular in his calendar/diary. Held him as literally making claims to his high school year book statements. Have since made unbecoming accusations, such as that from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island), who questions if the word "boof" found in the diary even means fart. You'd have to read the accusations on the internet to believe some of the theories being promulgated and then parroted by United States senators. It's disgusting and shameful, yet they are proud and shameless.

All Brett Kavanaugh need say to make this all go away? "I'm Pro-Choice."

Because that is exactly why we are, where we are. The Democrats have awakened the Republican base, which was fully prepared to slumber this coming November.

The American people are more than aware of the sham being perpetrated on a good man in Brett Kavanaugh. A party with this ugly, this radical and this immature a plan such as this cannot be entrusted to legislate over our land.

If the FBI investigates, I would like them to confiscate Dr. Ford's phone and email records going back to January 20, 2017. I would like Facebook and Twitter to put back the data that she scrubbed before coming forward.

I would also like the emails and phone records of each judiciary committee member as well. The American people deserve to know if this was an orchestrated and criminal plot against the judge.

You can be supportive of wanting to stop another conservative from getting appointed to the highest court. But you can also never again consider yourself an honest person if you support what has happened here.

Ken Pittman is the host of The Ken Pittman Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Contact him at talkerkenpittman@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter @RadioKenPittman. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. 

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