Recent incidents like the officer involved shootings in Charlotte, N.C. and Tulsa, Okla. the conversation has reignited regarding how police interact with the public.

Many of these tragic incidents took place during traffic stops, making many people anxious when they are asked by police to pull over.

With that in mind, Dartmouth Police Det. Kyle Costa spoke with WBSM's Barry Richard and said that nervous residents can take some precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

"The most important thing is maintaining the safety, not only of the officer, but also the motorist, pick a safe spot to pull over," said Costa "if you're leery of the fact that you're being pulled over, pick a well lit area, a parking lot that may be in close proximity to the spot."

Costa also says it's also helpful to keep your hands visible at all times.

"That first interaction is going to be very brief," said Costa "and the fact that we're going to approach the car, ask for identification, registration for the vehicle, and at that point in time keep your hands on the steering wheel, it's a simple one step process that could eliminate a lot of grief."

Sudden movements can also make officers very nervous and Costa says tensions can be greatly reduced when motorists clearly describe their actions.

"Most people don't automatically have their license out on the seat next to them along with their registration so they are going to have to go into the glove box or to the center consule to get it out," said Costa "it is always nice when people say 'look it's in the center glove box, I'm going to reach.'"

Costa also said it's very important to notify officers if there is a gun or other type of weapon in the car so they respond to the situation without feeling threatened.

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