The Southcoast experienced a year of meteorological extremes in 2015 experiencing one of the snowiest winters on record, followed by one of the hottest summers.

M.L. Baron, of the West Island Observatory told WBSM's Brian Thomas that the weather patterns were very unique and even last month was one for the record books.

"In particular the month of December, the warmest December in record keeping history, we've been keeping records, the National Weather Service, for 170 years plus and we've never seen a warm December like this in the area," said Baron "it's just phenomenal."

Baron says this was very similar to last winter that started off with a very warm December which then lead to a very cold and snowy winter.

"January 8, 2015, that's about a week from now, the bottom fell out," said Baron "the winds shifted, I had wind gusts here at West Island to 64 miles per hour, the wind chill went down to 15 degrees below zero, and the low temperature on January 8 was 1.5 degrees below zero."

The temperature on January 8 was so cold that many school districts cancelled classes for the day.

While last winter was one of the snowiest, accumulating about 60 inches of snow, Baron says it wasn't actually the snowiest winter here on the Southcoast.

"We actually had the winter of 2004-2005 that beat last year by about four inches for a total," said Baron.