State Police nab ten more drunk drivers during their continued Patrol Surge on Routes 24 and 195 here on the Southcoast.

Over the Labor Day weekend, State Police arrested ten drunk drivers, including 44-year-old Aengus Dlouhy of Dartmouth, who was arrested on his sixth OUI offense Friday night on 195 West in Marion.

The sixth week of the Weekend Patrol Surge also resulted in 14 other arrests, issuance of six criminal summonses, and 263 citations for motor vehicle violations.

Three drivers were stopped for speeding, and were clocked at speeds of 104, 107, and 110 miles per hour.

Since July 27th, the Patrol Surge has curbed 55 drunk drivers, and 56 non-OUI offenders were arrested. State Police have issued 42 criminal summons, and written 1,640 citations over the last six weekends.