It is hot and humid all across the SouthCoast this week and simply staying by the shore isn't going to keep you cool. So how can you beat this summer heat even without the air conditioning? We have some tips that are guaranteed to cool you off and keep your home more comfortable.

You gotta love New England, with its super sticky summer days. We know they are going to come around at some point, but they still feel terrible when they're here. Even though we live along the SouthCoast, things aren't much cooler when the weather gets like this.

Usually the shoreline can see a significant temperature difference from those cities and towns farther from the water. But the heavy, humid air makes that difference a lot smaller. We all love  day at the beach, but are the hot, humid days the best ones to be there? Hanging by the beach can give you that awesome sea breeze, but it also keeps you out in the sun – a dangerous place to be when the temperature is on the rise.

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What can you do to stay out of the hot sun even when you don't have air conditioning at home? Lots of things, actually. There are plenty of ways to keep your home and yourself feeling cooler when the temperatures are on the rise.

Here are 20 temperature-regulating tips that should have you feeling a little more comfy morning, noon and even at night.

20 Ways to Beat the Heat and Humidity

Summer in New England is going to get hot and humid. Though you may be used to the sticky, swampy weather, there are lots of ways to make it a bit more bearable. Check out our list and see if there are some new ways to keep cool you haven't thought of yet.

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