Have you ever had your honesty tested in the simplest way? Mine was last week, and I can honestly say that I debated whether or not to tell the truth. The lie could save me $100, but how much would it cost me in the end?

I recently bought a new computer for work, so I brought it to Best Buy Friday afternoon for a quick data transfer from the old computer. I tried to pay while dropping both off, but the register froze so I agreed to pay at pickup instead. A few hours later, I got the call to confirm that my computers were ready and a different worker gave me the paperwork to sign. However, all he said was to call if I had any questions and that I was all set. He was not aware that I still had to pay for the data transfer.

There are moments in life that define a person's character, and I like to believe that this was one for me. I could have just walked away and not said anything. It would not have been my fault if their drawer was short, but I knew better. I insisted that I still had to pay for the service, even though the gentleman claimed that there was no statement made of payment needed in the paperwork. Still, I had him double check with the Geek Squad member who took the computers from me earlier that afternoon. Apparently the issue with the register freezing disrupted the paperwork later on. I had the receipt that said $0 was owed at pick-up! Part of me wanted to kick myself in the pants for saying anything, but I was happy to do the right thing at that moment and not make life difficult for those gentlemen later on when counting the drawers. I may be $100 poorer after that, but I'm rich in morals. Mom and Dad raised their kids well.

Have you ever had a similar situation happen to you? If so, how did you handle it? We want to hear your stories sometime on the morning show this week. If you'd like to share, call (508) 996-0500. Please and thank you!