Jathan Fink’s Sweet Potato Spoon Bread [RECIPE]
There's little I enjoy more than having a noisy house full of guests, laughing over a delicious, special meal. From the very first time I prepared my sweet potato spoon bread, I realized that this was a dish that would keep the crowd clamoring for more.
Azorean Fish Stew Recipe
Living in a fishing community, there is no shortage of delicious ways to prepare the local catch.  Add the infusion of the local Portuguese population and you've got yourself some pretty tasty stuff! Azorean Fish Stew, a cultural favorite...
The Mac to My Cheese…Literally
I think I've made my point that macaroni and cheese is still one my favorite foods after all this time. I would probably live off of it for the rest of my life if I could. And for the next two days, I get to enjoy two different styles.
Tonight I am going to have a home style version of this comf…
Tasty Portuguese Sauce For Fish
We live in the number one fishing seaport in all of America! Let's celebrate our catch with a sauce that will become a favorite of yours! In Portuguese the sauce is called Molho Escabeche. Use this sauce on baked fish, and when you spoon it over fried fish, you'll smile ear to ear! You can…

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