I couldn't help but laugh, when Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo said that "we are always listening to businesses as we continue to do."

This flies in the face of the trucking industry and every business that ships via trucks, as Rhode Island passed the most stupid and horrendous truck toll tax. Businesses like Ocean State Job Lot are going to be forced to fork up additional millions of dollars.

Are you still listening? Little Rhody palls were hoping to raise $24 million with tolls saying that this would create 70 or more mid-paying jobs. They didn't do the math to figure out how many liabilities were involved to the the jobs of small businesses.

Plus, where are they going to put these toll booths? Next to Providence Place, which is always backed up during rush hour, or on the Attleboro/Pawtucket line, which is always a log jam from the 495 ramp to the 295 ramp at rush hour.

If the palls think this is a positive for Rhode Island's economy, then they have no idea of the impact it has on small businesses and ultimately the struggling taxpayer who is going to foot this bill in the long run.