We're willing to bet you don't realize how many calories are actually in your favorite candy. Maybe you don't care. Just a little perspective for you, ONE Reese's Peanut Butter Cup has 90 calories. In order to work off that ONE piece of candy, you'd have to do TEN minutes of spinning (on a bike, not dizzy bat style). So that made us wonder...what would you rather do for a single piece of Halloween candy?

Would you rather:

Run 10 flights up stairs to work off a 40 calorie pack of Starburst?

Work 10 minutes of a cardio circuit for a 50 York Peppermint Patty?

Do 150 crunches for a 60 calorie Crunch bar?

Do 100 pushups for a 63 calorie pack of Skittles?

Run for 6 minutes @ 6 mph for a 63 calorie Hershey bar?

Run 10 minutes on an elliptical for a 70 calorie KitKat?

Do 50 Burpees for an 80 calorie Snickers bar?

5 minutes of Jacob's Ladder (whatever that is) for an 80 calorie Twix bar?

4 minutes of Tabata (I have no clue) for an 85 calorie Butterfinger?

Do 200 Jump Squats for an 85 calorie Baby Ruth bar?

That 10 minutes of spinning for a 90 calorie Reese's?

Personally, I'd run the six minutes for a Hershey bar, or take a 10 minute spin session for a Reese's...but really, who can have ONLY one?

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