PLYMOUTH (WBSM) — One Plymouth homeowner had his head in the clouds when it came time to put up his lone Halloween decoration this year.

“It was basically the only decoration I could get up this year, so I wanted it to be a good one,” Stuart Downie told WBSM.

It certainly drew the attention of one person in the Ponds of Plymouth neighborhood, as Susan McNeely Demby snapped a spooky photo of Downie’s “floating skeleton” high above his yard.

“Shout out to whoever managed this in the Ponds of Plymouth! Very cool,” she posted in a Plymouth Facebook group, along with a photo that showed the skeleton appearing to float in mid-air, illuminated in the night sky.

Dozens of complimentary comments – and a few funny ones – followed.

“I was having an out-of-body experience and something went very wrong,” Tina wrote.

“You did some sick dedication to the skills and the kids will always take you guys over Water Street any day,” Scott wrote, citing another popular Halloween neighborhood known for its decorations.

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Downie told WBSM his neighbor inspired the idea with his own Halloween decoration.

“I was just talking to my neighbor Dave and he had raised a ‘dead body’ from his work truck crane for Halloween night,” Downie said.

“Then I realized from my hilltop cabin out in the backyard, I could run a rope between my cabin’s flagpole and the top of his crane and have what would look like a ziplining skeleton in the daytime and a floating skeleton once it got dark," he said.

Courtesy Stuart Downie
Courtesy Stuart Downie

Indeed, you can see from the daytime photo he snapped that it does look like the skeleton is descending from the cabin, but that’s nothing compared to the nighttime “floating” effect.

If you’re only going to have one Halloween decoration next year, make sure you get yourself a neighbor who has a crane.

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