Good people of Westport and the SouthCoast, get ready for a Pig Roast Halloween Hoe-Down that's a first of its kind.

The Pig Roast Halloween Hoe-Down is just around the corner on Oct. 22, 2 to 6 p.m., at the Holy Ghost Grounds, 171 Sodom Road.

This isn't just any Halloween event. It's a delightful fusion of food, fun and farm festivities.

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People can indulge in delicious roasted pig and other delectable treats, enjoy vibrant music win raffle prizes, flaunt baking skills in a pie showdown and show off Halloween spirit by dressing in their spookiest outfits for the costume contest.

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Then there's the design-your-own-scarecrow contest and, for the little ones, a chance to interact with friendly farm animals and partake in trick-or-treating.

Proceeds will support a local butchery business looking to expand.

"I'm getting all the necessary licenses approved to run the first red meat custom mobile in Massachusetts legally," Mary Tripp said. "I aim to build a custom unit equipped to dispatch, cut and wrap the carcass on site."

Mary's been a butcher for several years, inspired by her grandfather.

"It's truly my life’s passion," she said. "There's a big need, especially now, to help the homestead/farmstead community understand the full process in which these animals are raised."

More information is available by calling 508-558-6717.

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