As a 60-year-old man who is wearing flip-flops, cargo shorts, and a Mickey Mouse tee shirt to work this morning, I am probably the last person alive to criticize the way someone else dresses. But did you get a load of Hillary Clinton's tent-for-a-dress that she wore to Ozy Fest 2018 in New York City over the weekend?

Who picks out this woman's wardrobe, Stevie Wonder?

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Ozy Fest is an annual two-day music and cultural event held in Central Park by Ozy, a digital media group. The speaker's list is saturated with liberal icons each year. This year was no exception. The alleged comedian Michelle Wolf was another star attraction.

Clinton used her seemingly never-ending moment in the sun to bash President Trump on such things as immigration:

"We have decades and decades of proof that absorbing immigrants, creating opportunities ... and opening the doors has been to our advantage. And to those who want to turn the clock back on that and say somehow that it has hurt America, then they're not walking around with their eyes open," she said.

And to criticize Trump's recent summit with Vladimir Putin:

Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. Same old song and dance.

But back to Hillary's, er, outfit. What the heck was she wearing? The Daily Wire speculated that it could have been a muumuu, a housecoat or a duster. It reminded me of a toaster cover my late Nana used to have.

Twitter exploded with comments, not so much about what Clinton had to say so much as speculation about what she was wearing and why.

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Generally, when someone wears something extra big and baggy on a hot July day, one might think it's to hide something. I don't think she was shoplifting TV sets, so perhaps a medical device of some sort? Some on Twitter suggested that maybe the former Democrat presidential nominee was concealing a colostomy bag, while still others thought perhaps a catheter.

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Do you recall when Clinton appeared wearing a massive scarf wrapped around her neck and shoulders on another hot day earlier in the summer? It was suggested back then that she was wearing a neck brace of some sort.

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It has been widely reported that Hillary Clinton has a problem with remaining erect at times. So if Mrs. Clinton is suffering from health issues, I certainly wish her the best and do not mean to poke fun at that. But if her problem is that her sense of style is more suited for the circus or a bad science fiction flick, she is fair game.

Does this woman own a mirror?

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For all of you feeling totally incensed that I might pick on Hillary's clothing, just remember your pithy comments about Donald Trump's ties, hair, hand size and skin shade.


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