In the world of journalism, your credibility matters. Getting caught making up the news can be very costly. Just ask defrocked CBS scribe Dan Rather and NBC's Brian Williams, to name a couple of pinheads who strayed from the ranch known as reality.

So now it seems there is proof that CNN, as expected, has been running with bogus bombshells in order to advance its anti-Trump agenda. It's never a good idea to let personal bias get in the way of business decisions.

Steve Bannon And Lanny Davis Hold Debate In Prague
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After promising that his client, disgraced former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen could testify that Trump had prior knowledge of the meeting with a Russian lawyer discussing potentially damaging information on Hillary Clinton, Cohen's attorney and longtime Democrat political hack Lanny David has now walked back that claim. Not only that, Davis has admitted that he was the source of a CNN exclusive to that effect last month.

Trump has denied having prior knowledge of the meeting, and now Lanny Davis' confession solidifies Trump's version of events.

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What is even more entertaining is that the Contrived News Network gets caught red-handed in a lie. But to accuse that train wreck of reporting fake news is un-American, according to their star Jim Acosta.

CNN claimed to have multiple sources when reporting that Trump lied about being in the dark about the meeting. Surprise! The multiple sources turned out to be Lanny Davis, who now says he made it up.

Much of the mainstream national news media is the enemy of the people. It makes it up as it goes, or reports unsubstantiated stories with great zeal in its efforts to undo the 2016 elections. This latest debacle with CNN is just further proof of that.

With information coming at you at the speed of sound these days, it's easy to get caught believing in some piece of garbage report because it has been repeated enough times. Just remember that some of these news outlets have a mission, and it isn't always to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

By the way, no public comment yet from CNN.

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