So, Elizabeth Warren is now admitting that she is considering a run for president. Who would have thought?

After denying it for several years, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), long believed to be considering a White House bid in 2020, has now confirmed it. Warren says she will give it some serious thought right after the November 6 election.

Translation: she's in.

The Daily Beast says Warren told voters in Holyoke on Saturday, "Donald Trump is taking this country in the wrong direction." Really? Record low unemployment across the board, lower taxes, a rebuilt military, great trade deals. Sounds like the right direction to me, Liz.

Warren continued, "Working people have taken one punch to the gut after another and I am worried down to my bones about what Donald Trump is doing to our democracy." What the hell is she talking about?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Delivers Policy Speech On Ending Corruption In DC, And Outlining New Anti-Corruption Legislation
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Look, whoever the Democrat nominee is in 2020, it will be his or her job to try and convince you just how bad everything is. Look around at all of the new construction, job openings, and business opportunities. Then take a look at how much more is in your paycheck--especially if you didn't even have a paycheck under the last administration. And then remember that Warren wants to revoke the tax cut and nationalize private businesses among other job-killing policies.

The public will sort all of that out.

What troubles me most about Elizabeth Warren is that she has done nothing for Massachusetts. I mean nothing. Any honest Democrat who is in touch with reality will tell you that. Nothing. As in not a thing. And now she wants you to re-elect her so that she can use Massachusetts as a springboard for higher office?

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Liz Warren has used Massachusetts to build a resumé, and has given nothing back. She lied when she said she wouldn't run for president, and if she gets re-elected on November 6, she will continue to do nothing for us while she runs a national campaign.

Don't be Liz Warren's patsy. If she wants to run for president, that's fine, but for once be honest with Massachusetts voters. Take a pledge that you will serve out your full six-year term or withdraw from the campaign now.

Massachusetts doesn't need another carpetbagger who uses this state as a launch pad for higher office. Just say no to Liz Warren on November 6 and elect someone who is interested in serving the Commonwealth and its people.

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