WAREHAM (WBSM) — Sure, you’ve heard of Blue Bloods, but how about Blue Birds?

Some television network may want to gobble up the next great idea for a TV cop show: turkey police.

On the morning of Thursday, May 4, Wareham Police Chief Walter Correia was passing by the Decas School when he noticed one of the department’s cruisers – and something strange on top of it.

“He couldn't help but notice a large object on the roof of the cruiser,” Wareham Police wrote on Facebook. “It seems that a local turkey really wanted to go for a ride-a-long.”

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According to the Facebook post, the turkey did not want to come down from the roof of the cruiser, even after being asked several times to do so. He seemed intent on becoming part of the police force, apparently.

“The officer explained to the turkey that we are short staffed but we are unable to accept applications from birds,” police wrote. “He was upset as he left but no fowl language was used.”

Perhaps having turkeys join the police force isn’t such a bad idea; after all, there are some bad eggs out there. Last year, we told you about a rafter of turkeys that got into a parking lot battle with a flock of seagulls (the birds, not the band) outside of Dollar Tree and Big Lots in Fairhaven.

It seems like turkeys are drawn to law enforcement for some reason, as evidenced by the pair of turkeys that have been stalking the Dartmouth Police Department parking lot for quite some time.

And outside of the parking lot, too.

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