When you think of Wareham, Massachusetts, how do you view it? The Town of Wareham – or as the Brits and tourists pronounce it, "Ware-um" – has hired a Boston branding firm to help it come up with a new and exciting public perception.

And along with wanting a new town slogan, Wareham wants you to stop thinking of it as the "Gateway to Cape Cod," because the perception of a gateway, they say, is that of an entryway to pass through and keep going.

From a recent online survey on the town's website, some of the new slogan suggestions include: "It's Better Before the Bridges;" "No Cape Necessary;" "Miles of Coastline, Not Traffic;" "Off-Cape and On the Rise;" and "A Destination, Not a Gateway."

On the air, callers offered “Cape Cod Starts and Ends Here,” while another said to stop wasting tax payer’s money on foolish things like this, that "Gateway to Cape Cod" is just fine, thank you.

I don’t think a logo is enough to get tourists to take Exit 2. If a place has exceptional activities and restaurants and an assortment of discounted outlet stores, that can get people to stop passing through. You have to have the attractions people are looking for.

The re-branding campaign looks to boost Wareham's image while wanting to attract more tourists, residents and businesses.

I happen to love the Wareham area, from Onset Beach to Wareham Crossing. It’s a great town with nice people and plenty of parking spaces. Who could ask for more?

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