If you expect to spend the Independence Day holiday in the Cape Cod of Dennis, town beach restrictions might put your celebrations on hold.

Dennis Town Administrator and Police Chief John Brady announced new restrictions on Dennis beaches that will take effect on the Fourth of July.

The restrictions will be put in place at Mayflower Beach, Chapin Memorial Beach and Bayview Beach.

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Police said that over the past three years, they have seen a dramatic increase in unsafe and dangerous conduct, fighting, assaults, vandalism, binge drinking, drug use, loud music and other bad behavior.

Department data shows that Dennis Police responded to more than 1,200 calls for service at Town beaches over the past three Fourth of July holidays, including 459 calls last year.

During one of the many calls in 2023, police said a male victim was violently assaulted in a beach bathhouse and sustained serious head and facial injuries.

A woman was also struck by a vehicle in the parking lot during a physical altercation, and an officer was assaulted after being surrounded by a group of individuals.

"The crowds have been descending upon our beaches for the past couple of years and it has caused significant public safety hazards and concerns," Chief Brady said.

"My first priority is ensuring that Dennis first responders can properly patrol the beach, quickly respond to emergencies, and help make this an enjoyable July 4th for responsible beachgoers," he said.

Beach Checkpoints

Officers will implement multiple vehicle checkpoints for driving to Mayflower or Chapin Memorial Beach from Main Street.

Upon beach arrival, officials will check for proper parking stickers and will only allow vehicles to enter that have them.

Zero Tolerance for Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol is not permitted on any Dennis beaches. Anyone found to be drinking alcohol will be issued a written citation, fined $50 and have their alcohol confiscated. Those who do not comply after receiving a citation may be arrested.

In addition to alcohol, drug use, vandalism, overly loud music and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated by police.

Parking Ban in Place

A parking ban will be in full effect throughout the neighborhoods and businesses adjacent to the beaches. Vehicles found in violation will be subject to being ticketed and towed.

Parking enforcement officers assured that they would be out in the neighborhoods, attempting to contact residents about any vehicles parked in front of their homes before ticketing or towing them.

"Dennis is home to some of the best beaches on Cape Cod, including Mayflower Beach," Chief Brady said. "Our goal with these measures is to make sure that beachgoers can enjoy Dennis beaches this July 4th holiday safely without worrying about out-of-control crowds, violence, and other dangerous behavior."

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