The United Steelworkers announced on Monday that they have reached a tentative agreement with Allegheny Technologies Inc.on a new four-year contract.

The proposed deal impacts 2,200 workers at 12 facilities in six states including a plant on East Rodney French Boulevard in New Bedford.

Steelworkers Local 1357 Vice-President Donald Rei wouldn't go into details about the deal but says it's very similar to a deal they union previoulsy offered the company.

"The company could have had this deal when they locked us out," said Rei "this is basically the deal that the union offered to the company on the last day of negotiations, but the company chose a different path, they chose to lock us out so as far as I'm concerned they got nothing but that deal so it was a total waste of time."

Rei says they plan to submit the agreement to their members early next week.

"We'll give our members a couple of days to look over everything and then we'll hold a vote and I would say by the end of next week we should probably have a vote on this," said Rei.

In addition to ratification by union members the deal must also be approved by the National Labor Relations Board.