NEW BEDFORD — Prospective recreational marijuana businesses have until May 6 to submit Host Community Agreement applications to the City, according to a press release.

The applications must be submitted to the Planning Department for the first round of review. Applications should include a certificate of compliance with local zoning and a demonstration of site control along with supporting materials.

In October 2018, the City of New Bedford finalized administrative procedures to allow for the implementation of state law permitting the retail sale, processing and cultivation of recreational marijuana.

Under the City's procedures, prospective recreational marijuana businesses are permitted to submit Host Community Agreements which are reviewed by an advisory committee and then recommended to the Mayor based on a variety of factors if their application is selected. Selected applicants are then invited to negotiate a Host Community Agreement with the City.

Host Community Agreements are required by state law for applicants seeking state licenses to operate recreational marijuana businesses. Upon receiving state approval, applicants must also obtain a local license and a Special Permit from the local planning department.

Dates for a second round of application review in New Bedford have not yet been selected. Prospective recreational marijuana businesses are encouraged to submit applications to be considered during the first round of review.

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