Two brothers from Berkley who were involved in trafficking large quantities of cocaine in the greater-Taunton area were both convicted and sentenced to lengthy state prison terms recently, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III announced.

 Robert White, 38, was convicted yesterday in Fall River Superior Court after a three-day jury trial on charges of trafficking cocaine and possession with intent to distribute a class B drug.  After the conviction was returned by the jury, Judge Thomas Perrino immediately sentenced Robert White to serve eight-and-a-half to 12 years in state prison.

Robert White’s co-defendant and brother, 40-year-old Michael White, pleaded guilty to indictments charging him with the same two crimes on July 22. He was sentenced by Judge Perrino to serve a five to seven-year state prison term.

 Both cases were prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Michael Sheehan.

 On Friday, April 27, 2018, the Southeastern Massachusetts Gang Task Force, Bristol Narcotics Unit, and Community Action Team staged surveillance then executed a search warrant on 18 Stanley Ave, 2nd Floor in Taunton.  The targets of the search warrant were these two defendants.  Both parties arrived at the apartment on scooters.  The Task Force observed Michael White conduct an apparent narcotics transaction with the driver of a Subaru shortly after his arrival.  Another party was observed entering, then quickly exiting, the building.

The Task Force detained the defendants immediately upon their exiting of the building.  Robert White admitted to having cocaine on his person during the pat-frisk. Officers found four twists of crack cocaine on his person.  Robert White had $393 on his person.  Michael White had $320 on his person.  Both defendants were advised of their rights and placed under arrest

The Task Force found several items of standing and evidence of distribution inside the apartment, along with nearly 100 grams of cocaine, three digital scales, glass measuring cup w/ gold strainer and crack residue, another glass cup with four plastic twists of crack cocaine, a box of glad sandwich bags, varying amounts of US Currency wrapped in elastic bands, and a safe containing black pouch of cocaine and US Currency.

All monies seized totaled $5,414.

Due to Robert White’s extensive criminal record, Assistant District Attorney Sheehan argued for a 10 to 15 years state prison term.  The five to seven-year state prison term for Michael White was agreed upon by the defense and prosecutor.

“I am very pleased the jury held Robert White accountable for dealing a large amount of drugs.  He has a history of serious drug dealing, which is contributing to the drug epidemic in our communities.  The sentence imposed by the court was well-deserved based on his lengthy criminal record,” District Attorney Quinn said.  “In addition, his brother, Michael White, is also being held accountable for his role in this lucrative drug trafficking operation. He too will be off the street for a significant period of time.”

Information from the Bristol County District Attorney's Office

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