For some #NeverTrump types, the concern was that he isn't a dye in the wool conservative and would lead erratically. Over the last few days, this is proven to be a myth as one looks over his choices for cabinet level members.

Now, sure there are fear mongers on the left who have been taught (quite erroneously) that conservative = racist. This is not only a disgusting lie, but found to be quite insulting here where I sit. The question I would have for those promulgating that kind of thinking, is what becomes of your accusations once the conservatives in complete control of the federal government don't show any signs of chauvinism, racism or misogyny?

What will happen when the liberal's 'Boogeyman' scare tactics evaporate with the actions and performance of the right wing government, that improves the lives of all Americans? The real desperation in stopping the Trump Administration comes from Democrats that will have no platform to speak from that is recognizable to the one that exists in the pile of ashes that is 2016.

Like my liberal political adversaries, I don't know how this will end up, but I have a lot of faith in conservative values that when given a chance, will dry up the demonizing accusations coming from opportunists looking to cling to power for the left.

Granted there have been fringe elements that have fed the fires of concern but nothing says sorry better than delivering peace and prosperity for all.