With the sudden annnouncement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring effective July 31, the realization of another Trump-appointed justice consumed the news last night.

The left just collectively flipped their wig on the heels of their attempt to pin President Trump as a racist commandant of kiddie stalags along the Mexican border, and now this?

Kennedy's retirement wasn't necessarily shocking as it was untimely for the Democrats. He'd openly discussed the idea in the last couple of years as he celebrated his 80th birthday.

U.S. Supreme Court portrait - Washington, DC
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Justice Kennedy was a 1988 appointee to the SCOTUS by President Ronald Reagan. He was presumed to be a conservative but who often sided with progressives on matter such as same-sex marriage, affirmitive action and abortion access.

On the bright side for the liberals, the court will likely remain in 4-4 ties until Trump gets his next appointment through, but with the latest rounds of issues having just been heard in the nation's highest court on Tuesday, Trump has a bit of time.

As for the future of the court, the Democrats really can't stop much. Even the "Never-Trumper" Republicans have admitted that President Trump's selection of Justice Neil Gorsuch was an excellent one. The next appointment may get a lot of nasty resistance from the left, but will be voted in before the end of the year.

My prediction is this: If the Democrats cannot take back either the House of Representatives or the Senate in the November mid-term elections, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will announce her retirement.

If she finds herself on the losing side of the SCOTUS votes for as far as the eye can see, she will not see herself as relevant any longer. As she approaches her 86th birthday next March, she will step down and enjoy the rest of her days without facing the grief and realization that the Court's will is conservative, whether she is there or not.

Who could blame her? There will be a day when the liberals have a majority vote once again in the Supreme Court, but it will not likely happen during her lifetime.

Trump will have an opportunity to make a record third Supreme Court choice, giving conservatives (at least on paper) a solid 6-3 advantage.

The Second Amendment is safe, restrictions on interstate licenses to carry may again be eased. Abortion may be reigned in to first trimester, and other issues such as healthcare and immigration should see a swing to the right. I don't think the court will get into the business of reversing same sex marriage.

If the Democrats win either the House or Senate, a more compromising candidate may be chosen, but either way, Trump ought to have his third Supreme Court selection by the end of 2019. How long can it be before our justices are chased out of restaurants and face protests (or worse) on their own front lawns?

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