More than two decades after Murphy Brown and company signed off from the fictional FYI set for the last time, the CBS sitcom is back. Sometimes it's best to just let the past be the past.

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Murphy Brown was among my favorite shows. It was a realistic depiction of a world I've been a part of my entire adult life. The program was well written, topical, intelligent and featured an ensemble cast that was magical. I couldn't wait for the Murphy Brown reboot to air, but when it did, I was disappointed.

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Candice Bergen and company tried, but were just not able to make the case for a revival. Everything about it seemed tired and outdated. Most of the jokes were worn and forced. Haven't we heard the one about Trump being orange a few dozen times already? Bergen and Murphy Brown are staunch liberals. That's OK. But the series should have offered a little balance, even if just for comedic value.

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Television today is mostly terrible, thus a desire for the good old days and the good old shows. Last Man Standing and Roseanne are among the more successful reboots. Roseanne was relevant to a new audience and familiar to returning fans who still cared about the Conner clan. Murphy Brown was not. Nor did it really try.

Both programs dealt with the current political climate; however Roseanne featured characters on both sides of the political spectrum. Murphy Brown is simply anti-Trump.

Perhaps the highlight of the season premiere was the guest shot by Hillary Clinton, who was applying for the position of Murphy Brown's secretary.

Roseanne made a case for the return of her brood, and viewers were able to see for themselves how time and life had impacted the characters. The Murphy Brown crew just seemed to be there to mock Trump.

Without Roseanne, I suspect The Conners won't last long on ABC. She was the reason we tuned in each week. Even with Candice Bergen at the helm, I don't think Murphy Brown will last long, either. There just seems to be nothing there.

The news business is very much in the spotlight these days. I hope the writers at Murphy Brown figure out a way to capitalize on that.

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