President Trump has issued an executive order designating his first national monument under the century-old Antiquities Act. The order creates a national monument to honor Black Americans who fought in the Civil War.

Trump's order, which has congressional support, offers protection to Camp Nelson in central Kentucky. The camp served as a supply depot and hospital for the Union Army during the 1860's, and later as a major recruiting center for African-American troops as well as a refuge for freed slaves, according to The Hill. President Obama declared Camp Nelson a National Historic Landmark District in 2013.

Camp Nelson (National Park Service photo)

“Today, the site is one of the best-preserved landscapes and archeological sites associated with United States Colored Troops recruitment and the refugee experiences of African American slaves seeking freedom during the Civil War"

Camp Nelson reminds us of the courage and determination possessed by formerly enslaved African Americans as they fought for their freedom.”
                                                                                      -- Trump Proclamation

Camp Nelson (National Park Service photo)

It's unfortunate that Trump's use of the Antiquities Act to honor Black Americans has gotten virtually no media coverage. I suppose Don Lemon's demonizing white men as terrorists and Oprah's racist rant in Georgia are more sexy to a news media hell-bent on pushing an agenda that includes branding Trump as a white supremacist.

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