Why is it that if you preach that America is a systemically racist nation, you are praised for your vision and keen sense of social awareness? Yet if you are Black and disagree, you are roundly criticized by the same people who claim to have your back?

Joe Biden, who has made some questionable remarks concerning race such as "you are not Black" if you don't vote for him, told the American people on Wednesday that "systemic racism plagues American life" and no one questions him. Tim Scott, a Black, Republican U.S. Senator from South Carolina, says "America is not a racist country," and is he called an "Uncle Tim" on Twitter. And it took many hours for Twitter to remove the racial slur.

Scott often reminds folks that his journey to the U.S. Senate involved his family going "from cotton to Congress in one lifetime." Yet Scott's assessment that America is not a racist nation is met with scorn even by other Blacks. CNN's Van Jones, for example, said Scott lost "tens of millions" of Black voters because of his view that America is not racist.

"I thought he did himself a disservice by jumping that shark unnecessarily," Jones said.

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Black commentator Candace Owens has faced pushback from the left and cable news prognosticators, many of whom are white, for her view that the U.S. is not systemically racist. Do these folks really believe what they say or are they simply looking to be divisive? I don't believe for a minute that America is a systemically racist country. I'll take Sen. Scott's word on this before I listen to the likes of Joy Behar, Alyssa Milano, or even wealthy athletes such as LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick.

Do you believe that America is systemically racist? If so, what proof can you offer? And simply calling me a racist doesn't prove your point. It only makes mine.

I think the real racists are the ones who call racism at every turn. They see racism under every bed and around every corner. There are racists in America. There are all kinds of haters in our country. That doesn't make this a systemically racist nation.

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