Mitt Romney is so tough he lost to Barack Obama in 2012 and let the likes of Harry Reid and CNN's Candy Crowley run roughshod over him. No one ever taught Mitt how to fight or to defend himself properly. 

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When he didn't have the guts to enter the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, Romney unleashed a scathing personal attack on Donald Trump, who did have the guts to take on the establishment and the media. After Trump won, Mittens slithered on his belly to beg the president-elect for a job. He didn't get the job and immediately reverted to a "Never Trumper."

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Romney, who seems more at home at the high school cheerleader's lunch table than in Washington, has been outed as a Twitter troll. Say it ain't so! Yep, Mittens has a shadow Twitter account with the handle @qaws9876 with the name Pierre Delecto.

Pierre Delecto. Whoa! More tough guy stuff. Watch out, he might whack you with a pom-pom.

McKay Coppins, who writes for The Atlantic, got the Rom-Dawg to fess up. When confronted about the alias Romney told McKay, "C’est moi,” which in French means "It's me." More tough guy talk.

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As Pierre, Romney was able to follow 702 users and has 1,173 followers but oddly enough he doesn't follow Trump. Romney likes to trash Trump, though he does vote with Trump most of the time. Trump recently called Romney a “pompous ass" who “choked” in his own run for the White House.  

Sometimes it seems Mitt Romney is just a bitter old guy who never got to realize his dream of being president. Other times, it seems as though Mitt Romney is just a bitter old guy who never got to realize his dream of being president. Either way, Romney never will be president and for some small miracles, we can be thankful.

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