Today, the greater community of New Bedford lost a true champion for people of color and everyone else. Tommy Lopes was a 'Man For All Seasons' who from a very humble start in life, worked hard to earn his college diploma, served as a social worker, a utility manager, a State Representative and a world recognized ethnic newspaper editor and publisher. His accomplishments were a reflection of his persistence to never give up!

What ended Tommy Lopes' life is a troubling question that many have brought up. The PCB's and toxic pollutants that surrounded his home, from a toxic waste site of years before, is being talked about as causing the cancer in his liver, in a man who didn't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes!

Our heartfelt prayers and condolences are with his wife, Maria and daughters and family. Tommy Lopes made this community and this world a much better place. May Tommy's memory live forever in our hearts.