Airborne PCBs
NEW BEDFORD - The Boston University Superfund Research Program has released the results of a years-long study concerning contamination in the New Bedford Harbor.
A press conference held Thursday at Riverside Park in New Bedford released those results, which Dr...
EPA Changes Plan
The Environmental Protection Agency is changing its plans to dispose of contaminated sediment from New Bedford's harbor cleanup along the shoreline.
"Mutant" Fish in New Bedford Harbor
It's a prime example of natural selection at work.
A species of fish in the New Bedford Harbor has adapted and is now thriving, even though the sediment has been contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) for decades.
Mark Hahn, a senior scientist in biology at the Woods Hole Oceanographi…
Fairhaven Joins Fight Against EPA Harbor Cleanup Settlement
Fairhaven's Board of Selectmen has joined with other elected bodies and officials in opposing the New Bedford Harbor cleanup settlement. The Board approved a letter to the Department of Justice Tuesday, taking issue with the the $366 million dollar agreement between the EPA and AVX Corporation.…
New Bedford South Terminal Awaits Approval, Remediation
The EPA is still mulling over the South Terminal Maritime Project, a decision that will either give approval to the construction phase, or stall it.
Nevertheless, engineers with Apex Companies LLC have already drawn up remediation plans for the site just north of the hurricane barrier, as low concent…