Flashback to 2010. Haiti is rocked hard by a massive earthquake. More than a 1/4 million killed. Three hundred thousand displaced. Disease festers the perennially broke island.

To the early rescue, according to a Standard Times article, the United States. Our nation steps up and excepts approximately 50,000 Haitians as temporary, legal refugees. They settle, go to school, build lives and businesses and get their temporary status routinely renewed. That may soon change.

The acting top dog at the Immigration Department writes that life on Haiti, despite a recent hurricane, despite cholera, have improved enough to end temporary protection status. Six plus years of life in the USA may end at the end of 2017. Many of the refugees could be asked to leave. The final decision seems to rest with Homeland Security. For some, the states are the only home they know.

Our government should individually decide each case. Any Haitian that wants to stay and can prove they can live without government assistance, should be allowed to advance to Green card status. Those that cannot, afford them the one way ticket home.

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