Absolutely unbelievable. The President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association pushed her agenda on Brian's Beat. Barbara Madeloni and the MTA are holding a rally Saturday on Boston Common.

There's common ground between the two of us, albeit for differing reasons. We believe the Trump administration should not push federal vouchers to allow under-privileged students to attend private schools. Madeloni doesn't want to loose more students to private schools. Less students. Less $$$s. I don't want private schools corrupted by having to follow intrusive government meddling, which is a by product of taxpayer supported schools. Private schools receive their legitimacy largely through their autonomy.

Madeloni chimes sternly we need to fund school for all illegal immigrants. In fact, she believes a report claiming Massachusetts government schools are short-changed by nearly $2 B. How much longer must we toss good money after bad results?

The Mass Teachers are major backers, huge proponents of a state millionaire tax as a tool to help fully fund schools. Please understand, the fact is any so-called fair share money from millionaires first nestles in our thirsty lawmaker's general bank account, earmarked to their next stipend pay raise.


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