The Massachusetts Teachers Association supports the Youth Climate Strike planned for Friday, March 15.

“Our students are demonstrating leadership and passion when it comes to tackling the issue of climate change, and they deserve our full support,” said Fall River teacher Kurt Ostrow, who recently introduced a new business item supporting the climate strike that the MTA Board of Directors passed unanimously. “We cannot teach on a dead planet.”

Youth Climate Strike actions are planned worldwide. In Massachusetts, they are taking place in several communities, including Boston, Amherst, Barnstable, and Great Barrington.

The Youth Climate Strike platform seeks adoption of the Green New Deal, which promotes greater reliance on renewable energy as well as measures that emphasize the use of scientific research in establishing climate and energy policies. The platform also calls for requiring education on climate change for students in kindergarten through grade eight.

"Students throughout history have been a critical driving force of social movements. Regarding global warming and climate change, students are taking what they have learned about science and civics and putting their education into action,” said MTA President Merrie Najimy. “The students leading this movement have demonstrated courage in standing up to the powerful forces that want to protect the massive profits being made by maintaining the status quo.”

Organizers are calling on students who cannot participate in a group action to demonstrate their support on Friday by wearing green and making time during the day to show solidarity with the Youth Climate Strike and its goals.

“These young people understand the dire threat the Earth is facing, and they are calling for realistic and reasonable responses to the crisis,” said MTA Vice President Max Page. “Educators everywhere should support this movement and nurture the leadership that students are showing around climate change.”

Information from the Massachusetts Teachers Association

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