The cold and flu season is around the corner. What are some of the things you should do to stay as healthy as possible? Start with a flu vaccine. A flu vaccine is one of your best defenses, but that alone won't be enough, even though there are 26 strains of flu at any given time. If you're really looking to stay healthy, the other flu-fighters include washing your hands. It's the single best thing, but you have to wash your hand for at least 20 seconds to get the maximum effect.

That's because we spread the virus to our nose, eyes, and mouth without even thinking about it. If you recorded yourself, you'd be amazed at how many times in a minute, in an hour, that you touch your face without even noticing. Skip handshakes, if possible. Sneeze and cough into your elbow. If you have a sick child, don't send him to school. And if you're sick, stay home.

If despite your best efforts you still get sick, over-the-counter medication helps, but be sure you choose the right one. A headache and fever could mean flu. A sore throat could mean a cold.