In a reverse of the Commonwealth's previous position, students in Massachusetts will now not be mandated to get a flu shot. It's an about-face by the Department of Public Health, and the reasons given for backing out of the decree include a milder-than-usual flu season, and the need to focus intently on dispensing the COVID-19 vaccines that will take up a lot of time and extra revenue.

Don't misunderstand, I'm in favor of the flu vaccine. I get inoculated every year without fail. I'm against a government fiat that dictates an ultimatum to parents of school-aged children, forcing parents to do it or else be forced to homeschool. I want to remind every parent reading this that you never should have to explain your family's parenting choices to anyone, especially the state. The homemade sign said it best: "My Child, My Choice."

Anyone who regularly listens to my show is aware of who Vincent "Vinnie" Delaney is. Delaney filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Charlie Baker over the face mask mandate. In October, Delaney organized a peaceful protest of 12,000 strong against the flu vaccine mandate. He recently lost the court decision about whether the governor had the authority to require us to wear masks. However, this decision to retreat on the flu vaccine is a win for the Delaneys of the world. It's also a win for state public policy not having to dig in and force the issue on real families. Mr. and Mrs. America don't like that much. So this is one time you can say it's a win-win situation all around.

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