The trailer for "Stephen King's IT" dropped today, and it's terrifying.

From the creepy first moments of young Georgie Denbrough chasing his paper boat down the flooded streets of Derry, Maine until the final moments when you finally see into the "dead lights" of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, this is exactly what I was hoping for out of this movie.

It is my favorite Stephen King book--and maybe my favorite book of all time--and I was very worried about how this Hollywood version would play out. After all, I always found the 1990 ABC made-for-TV movie to be a pretty damn scary adaptation, and was amazed at how gristly it was for something aired in prime time on a broadcast network, at a time when TV had only just begun to push boundaries. I thought the casting was perfect, and especially never thought anyone could play Pennywise the way the great Tim Curry did.

Now to be fair, we don't see much of Bill Skarsgard's performance in the trailer, except to just be there, looking like he's about to eat all of us. But maybe that's the point; the first film in a planned two-part series, this one is set to introduce us to The Losers' Club and have us connect with the primal fear Pennywise causes in them, to understand why they must come back to fight it 30 years later.

It appears this film is set in the 80s, which means The Losers' Club will be coming back in the current day and age to face down IT for the final time. Except for the time switch (and probably a few adjustments for 80s technology and such), it looks like this film is going to be pretty faithful to the book for the most part. That makes me feel a lot better, too.

A lot is riding on the Stephen King name this year, with this movie and the first film in the "The Gunslinger" series. There's still rumors of a remake of "The Stand" as well, but if that's going to happen, then "It" needs to be a blockbuster.

What do you think? Does this movie look like it's going to be the horror hit of 2017, or should they have just left it alone?

Watch the trailer below, but we warned you...keep the lights on and avoid contact with any balloons for a few days...because they all float down here, and you'll float too...

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