Nearly a month ago, we broke the news that Fairhaven High School was going to be used as the backdrop of a major motion picture starring Paul Giamatti.  The seasoned actor from "12 Years a Slave," "Saving Private Ryan" and "Billions" has arrived in the general area and is awaiting the call to begin filming.

Fairhaven Schools Superintendent Tara Kohler says that the contract was finalized last week and that one of her main concerns has been addressed: "We've got to make sure we protect the high school." 

Kohler says she's heard horror stories about film crews taking way too many liberties to adjust on location shoots. "We were very, very protective of our school."  Kohler half-joked. "In fact they will be touching nothing."

When Will Filming Begin?

Starting Wednesday, you'll see the movie trucks starting to appear, positioned all around the campus at Fairhaven High. Crews will also be setting up at the Wamsutta Club in New Bedford.  "Once they get the high school ready, Paul Giamatti will be there," said Kohler. "They really streamline what needs to be filmed there and they get all those scenes done all at once."

How Long Will Filming Take Place?

In fact, all of the filming at Fairhaven High is scheduled to be completed in one big chunk of fewer than 24 hours, expected to run from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. It will be a marathon day of filming.

What Will the Movie Be About?

The movie's title, for now, is "The Holdovers." Giamatti plays an old, grumpy English teacher at a fancy, New England boarding school. He gets snowed in and stuck at the school with one of his 15-year-old students as they try to leave for Christmas break. There are essentially only two main roles in the movie with little to no extras.

Will Local People Be Allowed to Be There?

Two of Fairhaven High's top media students will be invited to watch the filming, which should be a real treat. Also, one former Fairhaven High alum will return to the school as part of the 130-person crew.

What's Next?

There is already some interest in using the school again for an upcoming Netflix project. It won't be long before the Fairhaven High School building needs an agent.

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