A new documentary focused on the beauty and rich history of Fairhaven High School is coming later this month.

Presented by the Fairhaven High School Alumni Association, in partnership with Fairhaven TV, and hosted by Bob Foster, The History of the Castle on the Hill will bring viewers inside “America’s most beautiful high school.”

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Director Derek Frates of Fairhaven TV shared some insight on the upcoming project and is thrilled to bring this film to life alongside Bob Foster, Erick Sa, Alyssa Botelho and Nick Doyle.

Foster, the Fairhaven High School Alumni president, approached Fairhaven TV about making a video of the walking tours he has been doing for years.

“People can expect a unique perspective at one of Fairhaven’s and the SouthCoast’s most treasured landmarks, as well as a history lesson of the building also known as ‘The Castle on the Hill,’” Frates said.

Frates described the filming process as a learning experience for everyone involved. Much of the Fairhaven TV crew attended the high school, but thanks to Foster's guidance, they learned even more about the iconic building.

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Back in 1906, town benefactor Henry H. Rogers consulted with top educators to map out what Fairhaven Tours calls “an educational palace.”

The Elizabethan-influence design by Charles Brigham still towers over Huttleston Avenue, with its marble floors, oak paneling, stained-glass windows and stunning auditorium with a beamed ceiling and carved wooden gargoyles.

“The library/media center was once an octagonal gymnasium that contained the first indoor basketball court in an American high school," Fairhaven Tours said.

On the National Register of Historic Places, Fairhaven High School is chock-full of history, and it will be on full display in The History of the Castle on the Hill.

The tell-all film is scheduled to be released on the Fairhaven TV YouTube page this month.

Check out the trailer:

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