The nation wept two years ago when Klondike announced it would discontinue the beloved Choco Taco, but Dorothy Cox Chocolates in Fairhaven may have the taco-inspired solution that we've been craving.

A new creation has arrived at Dorothy Cox and, dare I say, it looks even tastier than its discontinued rival.

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It's Been Two Years Without the Choco Taco

In 2022, the Choco Taco was officially discontinued. Klondike told CNN Business that over the past two years, the company had experienced an “unprecedented spike in demand" across its portfolio and had to make tough decisions to ensure the availability of its full portfolio nationwide.

Choco Taco was on the chopping block due to its lack of popularity in sales, but the devoted fans were heartbroken. The sweet treat had been around since the '80s and for many, it conjured up that warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling of running to the ice cream truck on a hot summer’s day.

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Waffle Cone Ice Cream Tacos Have Arrived at Dorothy Cox

For the past two years, we’ve been choco-tacoless, but Dorothy Cox has entered the chat.

“We’re trying out something new,” the store said. “Waffle Cone Ice Cream Tacos!!”

Your choices of ice cream and two toppings will be placed in a fresh waffle cone taco, and from the looks of it, this taco will require both hands.

Warmer days are coming and summertime is inching closer. This new offering at Dorothy Cox may be the answer to the gone (but never forgotten) Choco Taco classic.

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