On Father's Day, Sunday, June 16, we celebrate the men who've had your backs.

There are a lot of ways to express your appreciation, but if you ask them for gift ideas, dads usually respond in a couple of ways. My stock answer is, "I don't want you to spend anything, honey. I have way too many shirts and pants and there's no more room in my closet." Of course, they don't listen.

The other response some dads give is "surprise me." Usually, it turns out to be something utilitarian, from tools to high-tech gifts.

But I've been noticing for a few years now a growing trend from my beautiful and super smart wife. She starts by saying something like, "Hey, you know how much you like to sit out back? How about if I get you a nice Father's Day gazebo so the mosquitoes don't ruin our time?" Truth is, she's been wanting a gazebo for a while now.

Last year, it was an infrared grill for me that the whole family could enjoy, too. And she was wondering if carving the turkey for the family would be easier for me with an electric knife? Gift cards are way too boring, she claims. Are you starting to crack the code here?

I already told you she's whip-smart. So I'll leave this the way Celeste would say it: "Honey, you're hard to buy gifts for. So, just enjoy this carefully selected Happy Father's Day card and the joy of having me as your wife."

Yes, dear.

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