fathers day

Father's Day Spending
Americans are expected to be spending some big bucks on dads this weekend.
A recent survey by the National Retail Federation expects people to spend an average of around 125-dollars on dad.
Total spending is projected to be around 14-point-three-billion-dollars, the highest in the survey's 13 yea…
Father's Day Gifts
While a tie or tools are nice, most dads just want to be around their loved ones on Father's Day. A third of the dads taking part in a BabyCenter.com poll say they intend to mark the holiday with a family outing. Nearly 20% plan to have a barbecue, while 15% will be celebrating with a home-cook…
Best TV Dads
Many of our attitudes about modern culture are formed by watching television. Fathers on TV tend to be polar ends of a scale, either extraordinary fathers with warmth and wisdom or just clueless!

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