Nancy Pelosi is serving up souvenir autograph embossed pens that were used to sign the articles of impeachment on a silver platter to members of her party while an adoring media cabal looks on.

This surreal impeachment charade continues to play out on our television screens day in and day out. But the big story has become Bernie-gate and whether Bernie Sanders told Liz Warren that a woman cannot be elected president.

Speaker Pelosi Announces Impeachment Managers, Signs And Transmits Articles To Senate For Trial
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CNN first reported that its anonymous sources, who weren't even in the room, claim Sanders told Warren during a private meeting in December 2018 that a woman could not be elected President of the United States. When confronted by CNN, Warren confirmed the report. Bernie denied ever having said such a thing.

How convenient for Warren, who is slipping in the polls at a time when Bernie's stock is rising, that this earth-shattering news would break just days before the final debate before the Iowa caucuses. In leaking this revelation to CNN, Warren must have thought this would gin up support and sympathy for her flailing campaign. So far at least it is having the opposite effect since any thinking person knows Warren is a chronic liar and many seem to be giving Bernie the benefit of the doubt. But more importantly, few seem to really care.

CNN and the rest of the left-tilting media still haven't forgiven Bernie for daring to challenge media doll Hillary Clinton in 2016 and are only too willing to shill for Warren – for now, at least.

This little "he said, she said" tit-for-tat between two total loons was amusing for a few minutes but its entertainment value has worn thin and its time to move on.

After all, more loons await their chance in the spotlight as Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler prepare their impeachment case against Trump.

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