Women of the SouthCoast, we hear you loud and clear.

Women's History Month draws to a close March 31, but let's extend the celebration of women's accomplishments, resilience and contributions beyond just one month – because every month should honor the remarkable achievements of women everywhere.

This year, we're focusing on those who have left a lasting mark on the SouthCoast by exemplifying community involvement. After carefully sifting through over 1,200 nominations, we carefully picked 22 women to showcase whose dedication to the community shines brightly.

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This isn't a competition. It's a celebration of the collective strength and vibrancy of the women who enrich the fabric of the SouthCoast. Together, they form a network of support and empowerment, demonstrating the profound impact of women uplifting one another. If it was practical to create a list of 1,200-plus women, we would.

Each of the women you're about to meet has demonstrated a profound love for their community through their roles as business owners, nonprofit leaders and advocates for kindness and goodwill. They've shattered stereotypes, overcome obstacles, and redefined success on their terms.

You'll get to know them in their own words.

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These stories are more than just tales of individual achievement; they represent the spirit of communal leadership and the power of women to effect positive change within their local neighborhoods.

To all the women who inspire and motivate others, this is for you -- because your contributions, big and small, make the SouthCoast a vibrant and thriving community.

Be proud, be loud, and have a positive impact wherever you go.

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