Iowa Caucus

Trump And Sanders Win In New Hampshire
He's not a ``loser.'' Billionaire Donald Trump has his first political victory, the GOP nomination from New Hampshire.
Early exit polls showed he drew support from voters looking for an outsider and from those who made up their minds a while ago...
Trump Content With Iowa Finish
Donald Trump is content with his second place finish in the Iowa caucuses.
Speaking to reporters in New Hampshire, Trump played up the fact that he initially wasn't expected to do well in Iowa, but ended up in the runner-up spot.
In the days leading up to the caucuses he was ahead of Texas Senator Ted…
Cruz Wins Iowa Republican Caucus
(Associated Press) - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a fiery conservative loathed by his own party's leaders, swept to victory in Iowa's Republican caucuses Monday, overcoming billionaire Donald Trump and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were deadlocked in…