While a number of Democrats have begun showing up in Iowa in advance of the 2020 election, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has reportedly told supporters that he will not seek the party's nomination for president.

During his two terms as governor, Patrick was often mentioned as a potential presidential candidate, and even toyed with the idea at least once before deciding against it. His weeks on the campaign trail on behalf of Democrat candidates in the recent midterm elections seemed to suggest that he was testing the waters for a possible run.

Despite support from his old Chicago pal Barack Obama, few Democrats appear eager for a Patrick candidacy. Perhaps the timing is wrong. Perhaps that window has already closed. He seems to lack the fire in his belly away.

When you run for president, you have to want it more than anything else in the world. It has to be a passion. Voters can sense when you are faking it or are not 100 percent committed. Patrick doesn't present himself as someone with a burning desire to run for any office, let alone president.

Deval Patrick was a mediocre governor, and I suspect that he would be a mediocre president. With no outward burning desire to tackle the job, it's probably best that he continues to watch from the sidelines.

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