More than 50 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. Eight of them died. In fact, 278 people have died in Chicago so far this year from gun violence. Baltimore recorded its 200th shooting death of the year over the weekend. The city is on track to surpass 300 shooting deaths this year for the fifth consecutive year.

Where is the outrage?

Four hundred and seventy-eight shooting deaths just between Baltimore and Chicago so far this year and it's only August. And hardly a whimper from the left and the national press. Why is that? Is it because the Democrats are directly responsible for living conditions in those cities, or is it because almost all of the victims are poor minorities?

The selective outrage on the part of the press and the Democrats makes me suspicious of their reaction to the recent mass shootings. Why do the snuffed out lives in Baltimore and Chicago seem to matter less?

When President Trump pointed out craphole conditions in West Baltimore, Al Sharpton was on a plane the next morning. But it was to protest Trump and not to fight for the residents who are forced to endure the blight. And why no tears for Chicago?

The left and the press want you to believe the mass shootings began only after Trump was elected and somehow he is responsible for them. Who caused the mass shootings and the ambush killings of police officers when Obama was president?

Mass shootings are horrible and must be stopped. But gun violence everywhere has to be condemned. Violence has become engrained in our culture. So has revictimizing victims of such atrocities by politicizing their deaths. It's time to cut the crap and address the root causes of the violence in our society.

When the left addresses the daily carnage that is occurring in our inner cities and stops playing to the press, maybe I will believe they are sincere.

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