Attleboro is expected to lay off 64 teachers due to budget issues.

Attleboro School Committee Chair Stephen Withers told ABC6 that while the school department's budget has been increasing the funding has not.

"We have a level service budget needed this year of $73.5 million approximately. We're expecting due to the governor's budget and what we expect to receive from the city to only receive about $69.5 million, which is a $4 million gap,” said Withers.

This will result in class sizes going from the current average of 24 to 27 students per class to 33 to 35 students per class.

Many parents were upset by this announcement, including Maria Salguerio, who says it will be bad for students across the system, including her son.

"My son is an IEP student and he needs a smaller class, because they don't learn as much in a big class," said Salguerio.
However, Withers says that while there will be layoffs, which could also include 12 teachers aides, three custodians, and five clerical positions, he thinks the final number of layoffs will be smaller than expected.

"The 64 notices that we sent out are the worst case scenario,because we're required to give them the notice," said Withers "it will be, I would imagine, something less than that," said Withers.

Althought the laid off teachers don't have to be notified until June 1, Withers says it's likely they will be informed next week.

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