One Taunton man won't be winning any hide-and-seek championships anytime soon.

31-year-old Brian R. Nunes of Taunton was arrested Saturday night after picking a terrible hiding spot from police.

ABC6 reports that Taunton police responded to a report of an unwanted guest, and when they arrived at the apartment, they could hear a conversation taking place between a male and a female. However, the female who answered the door said nobody was there with her, and she allowed them to search the apartment.

Police say she tried to keep them out of the bedroom, but when they entered, they noticed a large bump under a comforter that was wedged between the bed and the wall. Underneath they found Nunes curled up on the floor. He tucked his hands under his body, refusing to allow officers to handcuff him.

After a struggle, they got the cuffs on him and also found a canister of pepper spray and a switchblade knife underneath him.

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