Taunton is about to get a little sweeter.

The Colonial Donut Shop was a staple in town for decades before the pandemic forced the owners, Bob and Pam George, to shut it down.

Now, new owners, Brian and Kerlin Levesque, are ready to take over and revive the iconic donut shop with the help of its original owners.

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Meet the New Owners of Colonial Donut Shop

As a child, Brian Levesque was a frequent customer of Colonial.

“My brother worked there, my father worked there in the '50s. It’s a Taunton institution,” he said.

After Covid, the Georges were forced to close down, and with the future of the business uncertain, Levesque kept a watchful eye on the establishment.

Levesque is co-owner of the Grocery Tavern. He was considering purchasing a second location, but when the City of Taunton reached out to him and asked if he had any interest in taking Colonial over, he was thrilled.

The George Family to Stay on Board at Colonial

When it came to making donuts, the Levesques didn’t know one thing about it, but the previous owners are staying on hand to show the new owners how it’s done.

“The key for all this to happen was that the George family agreed to stay on board and assist, train us and be there for the transition process so we get everything exactly right,” Levesque said. “We’re not changing a thing.”

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Bob George’s father, Fred, opened Colonial Donut Shop in 1951 and it remained a beloved business for almost 70 years.

Bob was ready for retirement, but he’ll continue to be the “donut guru” for Levesque.

“He’s very excited because he still gets to do what he loves and be involved, but not have the day-to-day worries of the operation,” Levesque said.

When to Expect the Re-Opening of Colonial

“The city has been clamoring for it to open, and to be able to do it and bring it back to life, it’s an honor,” Levesque said. “We’re truly blessed to be given this opportunity, and the city is already abuzz.”

The Levesques aim to open the doors by the end of June. Stay tuned for the official date.

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