The Democrats and their buds in the media know there is only one way to defeat President Trump next year: tank the economy. That's exactly what they are hoping to do.

Headlines are already screeching the bad news that a recession is looming, though there is no hard evidence of that. While there is evidence that the world economy is slowing, most signs point to continued growth here at home.

Alleged comedian Bill Maher recently suggested that a recession would be "worth it" if it got rid of Trump. I guess when you are a wealthy liberal entertainer a recession is survivable, but when you are a working-class stiff it could be a bit dicier.

Trump has responded to the econo-terrorists by tweeting that the American economy is "the Biggest, Strongest and Most Powerful Economy in the World." Trump says growth in the retail sector is proof that the economy continues to grow. The president says the media is "doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that will be bad for me and my re-election." And he is right.

President Trump Gives Remarks On The Economy On The White House South Lawn
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The Trump Administration is making no plans at this point to react to recession concerns, citing continued low unemployment rates, high productivity figures, low inflation, and strong retail sales numbers.

The key now is for Americans not to become spooked by the noise in the media. Consider recession talk as just more of the same jibberish the left wing has used for three years to defeat Trump. If you allow yourself to get rattled a recession could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The thought that anyone would root against the American economy that has benefited so many through lower taxes, record employment, fewer regulations, and increased business opportunities for political gain is sick and cynical. Yet it is the one best hope the socialist Democrats have of taking control.

We cannot let them succeed.

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